Quick Cash Conversions

Do we (the claimant and I) have to pay taxes on the money we receive? Yes it is considered another source of income. 

What if the county won’t give out the lists to third parties? Than you get the consent of the claimant or tell the claimant exactly what they need to do with the information you have. You will have a contract so don't worry about them running off. 

What if the county wants you to pay for the list? The little cost it takes to get a list will seem like nothing once you get your first check. 

Is it better to email or call the county and claimant? You must do both, cover all your bases with contact. 

How do we make ourselves reputable, and can we use your (Stacy Kellams) name? You may say you are a student of Stacy's, and by using the website template to bulid your website and by telling the truth you can make yourself trustowrthy and reputable. 

What is the best website to invest in to help me locate people based on the little information on the lists? 

Which states don’t have excess funds? The states that do not have excess funds are located in the best states guide in the training center. 

How long does it take to for the county to give you the check? Only the county can tell you that. 

Does the county give me all the proceeds and I split the money, does the county give the claimant all the proceeds and they split the money or does the county split the checks to each party?  Only the county can tell you that, it is possible that they could choose anyone of those. 

What type of mail system (FedEx, USPS, ups, etc) do you use to send the claimant all the letters and documents they need? Whichever system you like the best for the fastest service. 

Should I be able to make money in 30 days? Yes! Please read or Terms and Condtions for the program on the Help Desk Website.

Why can’t I access modules 5-8? They are for Platinum members only. 

Can I use the program successfully with just modules 1-4? Yes you can! 

What are in modules 5-8 that cost $297? Additional in depth training and training on all the documents provided. 

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    weily liu

    I bought the meter drop course, but the link to the page to set my password was not working. Upon request to fix that problem, I was led here to the Q&A of something totally different. And... now, the modules of info supposedly connected to these Q&A aren't accessible either. So..., It looks like a total ball of mess!!

    Can you help me with relevant and working links to the modules as mentioned, AND the meter drop course content, please?

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